Rohos Logon Key 3.3 Final Updated

Rohos Logon Key With Crack

Rohos Logon Key is the popular program that provides the suitable track to protect access to a computer using Flash drive, USB key instead of the usual password as well. Rohos Logon Keygen is a convenient and access is performed mechanically and speedily although secure password still protects windows. This software program offers a particular way to protect access to a computer using USB key instead of the usual password. It is the only program that converts any USB drive into a security token for your Windows OC or laptop alike and then permits the user to access Windows in a secure way with a USB key also you can replace windows login with this software. With the unique software project, you have the approach to ensure access to Windows PC by USB key rather than a common secret password. Rohos Logon Latest version free download is performed consequently and rapidly in spite of the fact that Windows still ensured by a password key.

Rohos Logon Key 3.3 Final Updated

Rohos Logon Key 3.3 is used to secure access for the following devices in a suitable manner

  • Any Computer system
  • Any Laptop
  • That system that has Windows Active Directory
  • Also included those devices that support Novell e- Directory
  • Security Benefits of Your Computer System

There are many new enhancements in the latest version that gives you the protection some of the main features are listed below


  • The user can automatically login with USB key in less than no time.
  • This program Replaces weak password based login with USB hardware key (Flash drive or memory card).
  • It uses a vigorous and long password without needing any memorizing it.
  • Restricted access to computer based on whether an authorized USB key inserted there.
  • You can also log in if you have lost the USB drive or forgotten the PIN code with only entering the backup password.
  • Safe Mode guard has no chance for the attacker to bypass USB Key security by loading Windows in Safe mode in a suitable manner.


There are two options for logging in USB Token plus PIN Code


Devices for variety of devices are

Any USB drive

SweKey and YubiKey One-Time Password tokens

Wireless devices that should be a Pocket PC, Bluetooth enables mobiles, etc.

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